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Obama Retreats, Ahmadinejad Advances

By James Lewis

When Saddam Hussein‘s tank battalions brutally invaded Kuwait in 1990, the United States was able to knock Saddam’s Air Force out of the sky in a matter of days. In the subsequent tank battles the United States ruled the air. After kicking Saddam out of Kuwait we maintained a no-fly zone over half of Iraq for the next six years, thereby stabilizing the Gulf on both sides.  Where the USAF and USN ruled the skies Saddam could not launch a single plane or missile. The world’s oil supply was protected, allowing European leftists to drive their cars at reasonable gas prices to noisy demonstrations to scream and rage at us, all because Uncle Sam was the good cop and kept them free.


Being the good cop has been our role for sixty years, ever since World War II; it’s the single biggest reason we haven’t had a World War III. Yet.

But Obama is now stopping the United States from being the good cop to keep the peace in the Middle East. Pax Americana is in retreat, step by step, and truly barbaric regimes are rearing their ugly heads all the way from Myanmar to the tip of South America. This administration is either grossly incompetent in foreign affairs, or it is genuinely self-destructive; it doesn’t matter which.  In the case of the mob-staged coup d’etat against Mubarak, Obama seemed more malevolent than ignorant, but the result is still the same. Egypt‘s reactionary Muslim Brotherhood is even now picking up all the chips Obama has lost in the latest farce. In Tahrir Square the new Ayatollah Khomeini of Egypt just came back from exile and addressed a million shouting supporters. Google’s little twitter mobber Ghonim was kept off the stage. Only the US press was assaulted. The next time will be worse.

We are witnessing an exact copy of Jimmy Carter‘s abandonment of a pro-Western and fairly enlightened Iran in 1979. Carter allowed the first radical Islamist power to consolidate in the Middle East; more than a million people died in the war that followed. Jimmy still maintains his innocence, just as he’s telling us now there’s nothing to fear from the Muslim Bros, in spite of their famous five Rules for Islamic Radicals. They make Alinsky look like a guppy next to a Great White shark.


Obama has now pushing our thirty-year ally Hosni Mubarak out of power, letting the biggest country in the Middle East be radicalized. Meanwhile Turkey has fallen to another offshoot the Muslim Brotherhood.  Gaza is under the thumb of Hamas after Israel gave in to US pressure to retreat, Lebanon is now run by Hezbollah, and Syria is allied with Ahmadinejad. No wonder all the bad guys are celebrating.


Every time Obama retreats, Ahmadinejad advances, step by step, like a chess master playing against a panicked rookie. You can see checkmate coming way ahead of time.

The United States still has overwhelming military and political power, but under Obama we have retreated from the Gulf, leaving the Saudis in a panic, ready to import nukes from Pakistan; we have retreated from our promise to defend Europe against Iranian and Russian missiles, and now we have allowed the biggest Arab power, Egypt, to be overthrown by what looks to be another Islamist radical fanatic, who will place Egypt on a war footing with Israel and the West.

In the last two years of Obama we given up five strategic bottlenecks, count ‘em:

1. The Strait of Hormuz, through which 40 percent of the world’s oil flows. The Iranians have dug in very deep with ship-targeting missiles on their side of the Strait, and it will be like Iwo Jima to get them out of there. They can close the Strait any time they feel like it.

2. The Suez Canal, thereby putting pressure on the Mediterranean.

3. Somalia and the Atlantic bulge of Africa, where Somali pirates (protected by the Islamist forces in Somalia) are still free to blackmail world shipping.

4. Israel and its more peaceful Arab neighbors — Lebanon, Egypt, and soon, perhaps, Jordan.

5. The missile flight routes from Iran to Europe.

At the same time the Obama administration has blocked and sabotaged domestic oil production.

This is a chess game in which we are simultaneously being threatened in five different places on the board, and we keep sacrificing our own pieces for no net gain.

After dithering for a week, the Egyptians are now allowing two Iranian warships to transit the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. There they can link up with Turkey and Syria, two big military powers controlled by radical Muslim ideologies. Or they can fire ship-borne missiles at Israeli vessels the next time Turkey stages another Mavi Marmara provocation. Or, for that matter, they can threaten US naval fleets that have protected free trade in the Med since the end of World War Two. All it takes is a single suicide attack against a US carrier, and the Iranians have carried out numerous suicide attacks in their war against Saddam. Or just a single dirty bomb on a freighter, to create worldwide panic and plunge the world into an economic freeze.

If Obama has any rational strategy, I assume it is to pressure Israel into a “peace agreement’ with major territorial concessions. If Obama can time that just before the next election he may get enough media glorification to win a second term.

The trouble is that America has now abandoned three major Middle East powers to the radicals: Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. How much can you trust a superpower that will walk away from a 30 year ally like Mubarak? Only until Obama figures out another way to screw an ally — maybe Taiwan as a favor to China. Why would the Israelis and Jordanians trust Obama’s peace agreement if the US voluntarily weakens its control? Why would Europe trust in American defenses of their oil supply, even though they keep disarming themselves?

The Israelis are left with two unpalatable choices. One is to strike Iran, as the center of aggression in the Middle East today. The trouble with that is that without full American cooperation, Turkey and Egypt may sabotage an Israel strike, with their powerful armed forces that may soon be in the hands of radicals. Israel can also explode a nuclear bomb as a warning, which it is bound to do if Iran explodes a bomb (now predicted for 2012-2015). But those are last-resort measures.

The second option is to hold tight and wait, hoping that Obama will lose the next election and that a better US government will follow. There is little doubt that cyberwarfare is constantly going on in secret, with Stuxnet 2.0 and 3.0 being launched. There are no doubt Iranian counter-attacks, maybe with the help of China and North Korea. We may never know that.

Wars are dynamic, and what’s going on right now is the first cyberwar in history, with a hot war to follow if Iran threatens to go nuclear. So far we have seen no indication that Obama is an effective defender of American and Western values. In public he has seemed comfortable with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey, and with Ahmadinejad in Iran. This administration makes a specialty of proclaiming American weakness and moral inferiority.

That seems objectively insane, but that’s what we see. Obama has indicated no real concern about our long-time allies. You can be very sure that the Chinese, North Koreans, Japanese, Russians, Iranians, and now the Sunni radicals in Turkey and Pakistan are taking careful notice. Obama just announced negotiations with the Taliban, who gave Al Qaida safe haven in Afghanistan to kill Americans on 9/11. Al Qaida is proclaiming victory in Egypt.

The United States is in retreat, step by step. Ahmadinejad has surrounded our ally Israel on almost all sides (Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, perhaps Egypt) as well as in the Mediterranean with the Turkish armed forces and Iranian war ships transiting the Suez Canal.

Obama is clearly letting it all happen, as no other American president has ever done. Europe has weakened itself immensely, and cannot defend itself. It lacks the will to do so, and increasingly, it lacks the military power. If they can’t rely on us, they will look to Russia to be their new imperial master.

This is the biggest Western gamble since the Hitler appeasement policy of the 1930s. I don’t know where the first major aggression will explode, but we are inviting attack on multiple fronts. We are playing the Weak Horse in Osama bin Laden’s famous phrase. There is no need to do so, because we still have the raw military and political power. But we are signaling retreat and weakness all over the world, and the wolves and vultures are circling closer and closer.

Source :

Politics dictated by business people

Complains Jalil; Quader says image of politics destroyed by political leaders

Seasoned politician Abdul Jalil yesterday said country’s political leadership is now in the hands of entrepreneurs who have turned the parliament apolitical.

“There is now a political leadership crisis in the country as leadership was not created in the last 20 years,” said the ruling Awami League (AL) advisory council member also a lawmaker at a “Meet the Press” programme in Dhaka Reporters’ Unity of the capital.

Current leaders of political parties are responsible for the situation, added the former AL general secretary.

Another veteran politician Obaidul Quader, said political leaders destroyed the image of politics. “Still now, political leaders are lobbying for favourable reports from intelligence agencies for getting positions in parties,” he said at a discussion in Public Library seminar hall in the capital.

“Where the dignity goes, if political leaders sit around in the offices of entrepreneurs for hours? We have failed to defend our dignity,” said Quader who is an AL lawmaker and the party’s presidium member.

He said the events of 1\11 could be possible in 2007 due to the activities of the leaders of both major political parties.

About the successes and failures of the AL-led government, Jalil, a former commerce minister, said, “Though the government achieved immense success in agriculture and education, it could not be successful in generating necessary gas and electricity.”

Besides, the government failed to improve law and order, and to curb price hike of essentials, he said adding that commodity price hike could not be controlled through command. He suggested that the minister concerned takes opinions of all stakeholders.

Saying that the law and order situation has not improved as criminals are not being punished, he suggested that the government brings a major reshuffle in the police force after increasing their salaries and other perks. He also advised bringing change to the police recruiting system, attracting more educated people to the force.

Jalil spoke on different aspects of the government, the ruling party and its 14-party coalition.

He said the public do not know much about some of the ministers, and those ministers have no touch with the people. He observed that the cabinet should be reshuffled to make it vibrant.

He demanded formation of a parliamentary probe body to investigate alleged torture of political leaders, entrepreneurs, and academicians by the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) after the 1/11 political changeover. He said the investigation must be carried out for the sake of strengthening democracy.

There is no coordination in the ruling 14-party coalition due to a lack of proper initiative, Jalil observed adding that each and every component of the coalition should be evaluated properly. Organisational activities of ruling AL also came to a standstill, he added.

Saying the main opposition BNP is not joining the parliament because it is not committed to the public and democracy, he urged the opposition to join the House.

He demanded that ruling party lawmakers be given full freedom of speech in the parliament, with an assurance that there will be no punitive measure against them for talking against party line. The measure is needed so the parliament remains effective even if the opposition walks out, he said.

DRU President Mustak Hossain, and General Secretary Jamal Uddin accompanied Jalil at the event.

Source : The Daily Star

New Book : Terrorism And The Illuminati

Terrorism And The Illuminati

A Three Thousand Year History

Downlaod entire book as PDF

About the Book

Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives. These groups are intertwined with Western power through a network of occult secret societies. This relationship dates back to sixth century BC, and the birth of the Kabbalah, in Babylon; a plot to seek world domination through the use of magic and deception.

Herod the Great incepted a series of cooperative dynastic relationships. Their first conspiracy: to corrupt the emerging Christian movement, imposed upon the Roman Empire  as Catholicism, with which they would struggle ever since for supremacy over Western civilization.

During the Crusades, these dynastic families associated with their counterparts in the East, members of the heretical Ismaili Muslims of Egypt, known as the Assassins. Templars were believed to have “rescued” a number of these “Eastern Mystics”, and brought them to Scotland, being the basis Scottish Rite Freemasonry.  The legend also led to the formation of the “Asiatic Brethren”, founded by followers of the infamous Jewish false-messiah, Shebbetae Zevi.  The Asiatic Brethren then became the successors of the Illuminati, and became involved in the development of Egyptian Rite Freemasonry.

With Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt, Freemasons in his army reconnected with their brethren in Egypt, sparking a relationship that was pivotal to the development of the Occult Revival of the late nineteenth century.

These associations were part of a grand strategy, as outlined by Albert Pike, who originally devised a plot for three world wars, culminating in a third against the Muslim world. However, because the Islamic world had been successfully dismantled, both through the instigations of the West, and by way of their own corruption, they were incapable of mobilizing any kind of threat.  It therefore had to be contrived.

This was the agenda of the Oxford Movement, to spread Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Middle East, headed by Lord Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli and Edward Bullwer-Lytton, a leading occult figure, as head of the SRIA, or English Rosicrucians, which evolved directly from the Asiatic Brethren.

The agent of this strategy was a notorious impostor by the name of Jamal ud Din al Afghani, who became the founder of what is called the Salafi “reform” movement of Islam. According to K. Paul Johnson, it was Afghani, as head of the occult Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, or HB of L, who was responsible for teaching Helena Blavatsky her central doctrines. Helena P. Blavatsky, the famous medium and mystic, was the godmother of the New Age movement, whose books are considered the “bibles” of Freemasonry. Numerous other leading occultists affiliated with the English Rosicrucians and Egyptian Rite Freemasonry travelled to Egypt at the time, and on their return, established branches of the HB of L, out of which emerged the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the most notorious member of which was Aleister Crowley.

The Nazis were the result of a merging of the O.T.O of Crowley and the Thule Gesselschaft of Germany. It is presumably for this reason that Hitler, when he wished to create an arm of German Intelligence in Egypt, contacted a leading Salafi and Freemason, named Hasan al Banna. With the demise of the Nazis following WWII, control of the organization was transferred to the CIA.  It was its eventual head, Allen Dulles who spearheaded the move to hire ex-Nazis to train the terrorists.

In 1954, after it was discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for an attack on his life, President Gamal Nasser of Egypt ordered a crackdown. Fleeing members of the Muslim Brotherhood were then shuttled to the CIA’s ally, Saudi Arabia.

The Salafi movement has since come to be spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, and identified as one and the same as the heresy of Wahhabism.  Wahhabism was created by the British, in the eighteenth century to undermine the Ottoman Empire, and to achieve Western control of the world’s primary oil resource.  Today, the promotion of Wahhabism is part of a larger Western agenda, involving the CIA, to denigrate Islam. According to William Engdahl, it was Henry Kissinger who orchestrated the Oil Crisis of 1973.  The subsequent wealth achieved by Saudi Arabia then served as a hidden slush fund for CIA covert operations.

When John Loftus, a Justice Department official in the eighties, was permitted to peruse classified government documents, he discovered that the British Secret Service convinced American intelligence that the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood would be indispensable as “freedom fighters” in preparation for the next major war, which was anticipated against the Soviet Union.

And so, when the Americans wished to lure the Soviets into their own version of Vietnam, they did so by funding factions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan.  Financed and coordinated through the assistance of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, it became the largest CIA covert operation in history.

It was all part of the larger the Iran-Contra Operation.  Through the devious activities of the Aspen Institute and the Club of Rome, in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood, British agent the Ayatollah Khomeini was installed in Iran.  The Americans then began illegally trading arms with the country, proceeds of which were used to fund the right-wing Contra thugs of Nicargua, in return for cocaine which sparked America’s crack epidemic.  These funds, in addition to growing heroin trade in Afghanistan, were used to fund the US’s covert war in Afghanistan.

Through this strategy, not only did the Americans succeed in bankrupting the Soviet Union, but they also managed to create a budding network of Islamic terrorists, brainwashed in the radical ideologies of Wahhabism and Salafism, who dispersed across the world, and who were then blamed as responsible for the great false flag operation known as 9/11, which allowed its hidden planners to embark on their War on Terror, Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations”, or the beginnings of Pike’s WWIII.

Foreign Policy: The Al-Jazeera Effect

by Hugh Miles

Egyptians gathering to watch Al-Jazeera satellite television station in Cairo‘s Tahrir Square, following a day of protests calling for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak‘s regime. Many contend that the network provides the best coverage of the Egyptian protests.

Egyptians gathering to watch Al-Jazeera satellite television station in Cairo's Tahrir Square, following a day of protests calling for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak's regime. Many contend that the network provides the best coverage of the Egyptian protests.
Khaled Desouki /AFP/Getty ImagesEgyptians gathering to watch Al-Jazeera satellite television station in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, following a day of protests calling for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Many contend that the network provides the best coverage of the Egyptian protests.

Hugh Miles is a freelance journalist and author of Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World.

“Long live Al-Jazeera!” chanted Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square on Feb. 6. Many Arabs — not least the staff at Al-Jazeera — have said for years that the Arab satellite network would help bring about a popular revolution in the Middle East. Now, after 15 years of broadcasting, it appears the prediction has come true. There is little question that the network played a key role in the revolution that began as a ripple in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, and ended up a wave that threatens to wash away Egypt’s long-standing regime.

“We knew something was coming,” Mustafa Souag, head of news at Al-Jazeera’s Arabic-language station, told me Monday. “Our main objective was to provide the most accurate and comprehensive coverage that we could by sending cameras and reporters to any place there is an event. And if you don’t have a reporter, then you try to find alternative people who are willing to cooperate because they believe in what we are doing.”

The Tunisian uprising revealed that the dogma perpetuated by the country’s regime that it was impregnable and its security services invincible was merely propaganda aimed at keeping Tunisia’s people subdued. Al-Jazeera shared this revelation around the region live and in real time, breaking the spell that had stopped millions of ordinary people from rising up and claiming their legitimate rights. Suddenly change seemed possible everywhere across the Middle East.

“We did not foresee the drama of events, but we saw how events in Tunisia rippled out and we were mindful of the fact [that] things were changing, and so we prepared very carefully,” said Al Anstey, managing director of Al-Jazeera English. “We sent teams to join our Cairo bureau and made sure that we were covered on the ground in other countries in the region so when the story unfolded we were ready to cover all angles.”

Al-Jazeera’s powerful images of angry crowds and bloody morgues undercut the Egyptian regime’s self-serving arguments and stood in sharp contrast to the state-run TV channels, which promoted such a dishonest version of events that some of their journalists resigned in disgust. At least one popular TV talk-show presenter, Mahmoud Saad, was later seen being carried on the shoulders of triumphant demonstrators in Tahrir Square. While Al-Jazeera was showing hundreds of thousands of people calling for the end of the regime, Egyptian TV showed humdrum scenes of traffic quietly passing by; when Al-Jazeera reported hundreds of people queuing for bread and petrol, Egyptian TV showed happy shoppers with full fridges using footage filmed at an unknown time in the past.

During the uprising in Cairo, the Egyptian government systematically targeted Al-Jazeera in an attempt to impede the network’s gathering and broadcasting of news. On Jan. 27 Al-Jazeera Mubasher, the network’s live channel, was dropped by the government-run satellite transmission company, Nilesat. On Jan. 30, outgoing Egyptian Information Minister Anas al-Fiqi ordered the offices of all Al-Jazeera bureaus in Egypt to be shut down and the accreditation of all network journalists to be revoked. At the height of the protests, Nilesat broke its contractual agreement with the network and stopped transmitting the signal of Al-Jazeera’s Arabic channel — which meant viewers outside Egypt could only follow the channel on satellites not controlled by the Egyptian authorities. To the rescue came at least 10 other Arabic-language TV stations, which stepped in and offered to carry Al-Jazeera’s content. “They just volunteered,” said Souag. “They were not paid, and we thanked them for that.”

The next day, six Al-Jazeera English journalists were briefly detained and then released, their camera equipment confiscated by the Egyptian military. On Feb. 3, two unnamed Al-Jazeera English journalists were attacked by Mubarak supporters; three more were detained. On Feb. 4, Al-Jazeera’s Cairo office was stormed and vandalized by pro-Mubarak supporters. Equipment was set on fire and the Cairo bureau chief and an Al-Jazeera correspondent were arrested. Two days later, the Egyptian military detained another correspondent, Ayman Mohyeldin; he was released after nine hours in custody. The Al-Jazeera website has also been under relentless cyberattack since the onset of the uprising.

“The regime did everything they could to make things difficult for us, but they did not succeed,” said Souag. “We still had the most comprehensive reporting of the events in Egypt.”

After the first few days of the uprising, the Egyptian state media began running an insidious propaganda campaign in an apparent effort to terrorize ordinary Egyptians into staying at home and off the streets. Channel 1 on Egypt state TV issued vague yet alarming warnings about armed thugs trying to infiltrate the protests and later broadcast live phone-ins in which members of the public complained about looting and disorder. It’s hard to think of a better way to incite panic in a jittery population, especially because there have been no emergency services in Egypt for days. By the time these garbled and unsubstantiated stories passed through the Egyptian rumor mill, ordinary people would be forgiven for thinking World War III had broken out. Egyptian state media have also issued warnings of international journalists with a “hidden agenda” and accused Al-Jazeera of “inciting the people.” One supposed “foreign agent” was shown on Egyptian state TV with face obscured, claiming that she had been trained by “Americans and Israelis” in Qatar, where Al-Jazeera is based.

But the lid on Pandora’s box has been prized open, and undemocratic regimes across the region are now looking over their shoulder at Al-Jazeera — for history shows that where Egypt goes, other Arab countries soon follow. Given Al-Jazeera’s enormous influence on the Arab street and its electrifying message that Arab dictatorships are, in fact, mortal, it is no wonder dictators and despots across the region have been left feeling rather rattled. There have already been hints of insurrection’s ripples in Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, and Bahrain. But could Al-Jazeera threaten Saudi Arabia?

Oil- and gas-rich Arab states can use their wealth to address some of the grievances that brought Tunisians and Egyptians onto the streets, but not all. Al-Jazeera’s home country, however, would appear to be somewhat safe from the wave of unrest. Power in Qatar is traditionally transferred by coup d’état, as in 1995 when the current emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, seized power from his father Sheikh Khalifa — but as the world’s richest country with a GDP per capita in excess of $145,000, it is highly unlikely to experience revolutionary convulsions about anything besides shopping. The most pressing socioeconomic problem the leadership currently faces is how to motivate a population of soon-to-be millionaires to keep showing up for work in the morning.

Helping to bring revolution to Egypt and Tunisia is one thing; fomenting uprisings in the Persian Gulf is quite another. But the situation is delicate in Saudi Arabia, where the regime is wobbling on the cusp of change. The kingdom either directly or indirectly controls most of the Arab media, including Al-Jazeera’s principal rival Al Arabiya, but it remains highly vulnerable to the kind of palpitations Al-Jazeera could easily provoke.

Bilateral relations between tiny Qatar and its overbearing neighbor Saudi Arabia have always been sensitive. Since 1996, when Al-Jazeera first challenged Saudi hegemony in the region, the channel has been a constant point of tension between the two. For years, the Saudis dominated the Arabian Peninsula and often meddled in Qatari politics. On several occasions in the 1990s, the Saudis simply invaded Qatar to remind it who was boss and, following Sheikh Khalifa’s deposal, Riyadh tried to manipulate his return by organizing a countercoup.

But despite all the problems the Qataris have had with the Saudis, they are fully aware that if they upset the kingdom it is at their peril. As a result, coverage of Saudi affairs on Al-Jazeera has not been as bold as coverage of Egypt and Tunisia. Issues of extreme sensitivity to the Saudi regime, such as royal family corruption and the succession question, are passed over lightly. Leading Saudi dissidents have rarely appeared on the network in recent years; there was, for example, next to no coverage on the Arabic channel of the 2010 murder in London committed by Saudi Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasir al-Saud.

“Al-Jazeera was absent from Saudi Arabia for a long time, so we don’t have pictures or information from within the country,” explained Souag. “Finally the Saudis allowed us to open an office about two weeks ago, and so we have a correspondent there now, and if there is something that needs to be covered we will report it in the same way as events anywhere else.”

It’s an issue of proximity and power. Despite the channel’s exceptional job in covering the turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt, the complex relationship with Saudi Arabia is a reminder that even for Al-Jazeera, in the Persian Gulf free press has its limits. History will record the channel’s crucial galvanizing role in the extraordinary events that are now unfolding in Egypt and Tunisia. But whether the Al-Jazeera effect will continue to ripple across the Middle East or the heavy hand of state pressure will attempt to shut Pandora’s box again — however temporarily — is yet too close to call.

US Policies Only Conducive to Israel

By Kamal Khan

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, 2011

USA and its foreign Policies have “NEVER” been conducive to anyone but only ISRAEL, the one country that pulls all the strings in the UK, USA, most European nations, Australia , New Zealand, and Japan. Organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, ADB, UN, WHO, Amnesty International, Green Peace, Human Rights, NGO’s, Agencies Like US Aid, Free Mason Clubs, like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Jaycies, etc etc. “ALL” are used as a network working in favour of Zionist Jews Worldwide, Particularly in Israel, USA, and UK.

What I am saying is “Common Knowledge” to the Very few Experienced/Mature/Savvy people who Know the inner/darker secrets. ONLY VERY FEW people know what is happening. Now Let’s get back to USA and mistrust for US & Western countries/Agencies. The past few decades have always shown and time has proven it that policies have always been “AGAINST” MUSLIM communities/countries. Be it Iraq-Iran War of the past when Saddam Hussain was USA’s hero .

Be it Afghanistan-USSR War of the past, when Osama Bin Laden was USA’s hero . Be it Lockerbie bombing- Pan Am Flight 103 where Libya was Blamed. Be it September 11th , 2001, where out of the blue organizations never heard or before suddenly were born (AL Qaeda & Taliban) . Be it Iraq being Blamed for these and weapons of mass destruction “Excuse” used. Be it Osama Bin Laden who suddenly went from Hero to Zero (Villain). Be it Pakistan who has suffered over US$ 70 Billion Financial Loss for “USA’s war or Terror” it is not Pakistan’s whatever Obama or Biden or whoever says.

This was forced upon Pakistan by USA and Everyone knows it (Give us some credit for having some brains and not all being totally Morons). Be it GITMO & most prisoners are Muslim.  Be it Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Be it Setting up bases in Whole of Middle East for the Protection of Israel. Be it Setting up of Bases and causing Internal unrest in Pakistan using Funds to promote internal crises & chaos. Be it Kashmir .

Be it Israeli bases in Turkey & India. One factor that everyone ignores despite all the well oiled Planning & Execution by USA, UK, The West & The Jews some spanner in the machinery always props up. The Future direction seen by the West  (USA, UK, Europe, Jews etc ) is completely different to what is happening albeit slowly. Let me spell it out for you  plainly which very very few People Know.

There is a GOD and all plans will always be screwed because everyone is deviating away from Religion. Over & Over again time has proven that. ALL things, signs  narrated by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have come true and the end result is near.

Call it World War III. Call it Armageddon . Call  it Fate . Call it what you will.  The Signs told 1432 Years Back have come true and time being relative (I hazard a Guess of Maximum 30-40 Years). This is when ALL ALLIED forces will lose World War III which will take place close to Jerusalem. History has proven that a few have vanquished Many.

The latest being  a handful of Hezbollah Defeating Israeli Army and UN had to be called in (Anyways that was Only a Test many More to come within that 30-40 years time frame) . So getting back to Lousy Foreign Policy and also Lousy Planning a Mechanism is now put into place which is Irreversible  and uncontrollable by anyone,  The End  maturing in 30-40 years with World War III/Armageddon.

Plan away. Do whatever Result is clear & guaranteed. Unfortunately People have so moved away from Religion that this has been always foretold by The Torah(Which Has been changed) By The Bible (Which Has been Changed) By The Holy Quran (Intact as given). Very Few will believe and they will be the victors. All you have to read up & Understand The Holy Quran. What was given 1432 years back is coming true and has been proven by the scientists also(So many things).

So what is there not to believe in the coming about or World War III/Armageddon and Guess who will Lose :)) …… It is all written and we are just actors in a play with the curtain going to go up on the “TRUE MUSLIMS” (of which very few will be left), for the rest it will be curtains . IF you want Facts just look at your own selves.  Can you control your death ? Life ? Time? Weather ? . 30-40 Years is all  we have left according to my time Schedule. Your Children and your Descendants have only up to 2040-2050.

It is ALL written and Proven and Foretold. Even knowing this many have turned away from Religion as the Worldly pleasures have proved overpowering. USA is facing internal strife on 2 fronts Economy & seceding by some states (4 States have already Started the process). I guess The Economy will become so bad within the next Few years (ALL Factors Proven Debts of Over US$ 16 Trillion reserves of US$ 283 Billion ONLY) that USA will default in its commitments.

For the Jewish Investors Only Euro & Europe is left for any returns otherwise most companies/Organizations will be bankrupt like the US Government. Real Estate and Gold are two assets that now for the next 10 years will not give any returns and in fact will give only Capital Losses. Israel will be facing extermination from 3 sides despite all  planning. it was better that future Place for the Jewish nation would  be an Island in Mediterranean or Bahamas or Far East near FIJI/BALI.  Maldives , Mauritius, Ibiza etc .

They would be Secure, build up and economy a nation with NO Threats and great environment and beaches. People Plan and then God Plans . God’s Plan Always wins . Look at the Fires, The Flooding, Tsunami, Hurricanes, cyclones, storms etc etc Then there are BP’s , Natural Disasters , etc etc.

There will be someone who will defeat the Evil designs.

Without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast

Source :

Without Egypt’s Mubarak and with relations with Turkey in shambles, Israel will be forced to court new potential allies.

By Aluf Benn

  • Published 13:01 29.01.11
  • Latest update 13:01 29.01.11

Without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast

Without Egypt’s Mubarak and with relations with Turkey in shambles, Israel will be forced to court new potential allies.

Without Egypt’s Mubarak and with relations with Turkey in shambles, Israel will be forced to court new potential allies.

The fading power of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak‘s government leaves Israel in a state of strategic distress. Without Mubarak, Israel is left with almost no friends in the Middle East; last year, Israel saw its alliance with Turkey collapse.

Egypt protest - AP - Jan 26, 2011 An anti-government protester ripping a poster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, January 26, 2011.
Photo by: AP

From now on, it will be hard for Israel to trust an Egyptian government torn apart by internal strife. Israel’s increasing isolation in the region, coupled with a weakening United States, will force the government to court new potential allies.

Israel’s foreign policy has depended on regional alliances which have provided the country with strategic depth since the 1950s. The country’s first partner was France, which at the time ruled over northern Africa and provided Israel with advanced weaponry and nuclear capabilities.

After Israel’s war against Egypt in 1956, David Ben-Gurion attempted to establish alliances with non-Arab countries in the region, including Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia. The Shah of Iran became a significant ally of Israel, supplying the country with oil and money from weapons purchases. The countries’ militaries and intelligence agencies worked on joint operations against Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser‘s rule, which was seen as the main threat against Israel and pro-Western Arab governments.

Israel’s next alliances were forged with Jordan’s King Hussein and Morocco’s King Hassan. These ties were operated in secret, as well as ties with leaders in Lebanon’s Christian community. The late 1970s saw the fall of the Shah of Iran, with an anti-Israel Islamic republic created in his stead.

Around the same time, Egypt and Israel broke their cycle of conflict by signing a peace agreement. Egypt positioned itself on the side of Saudi Arabia, as head of the pro-American camp.

Mubarak inherited the peace agreement after President Anwar Sadat’s assassination. Mubarak was cold in his public relations with Israel, refusing to visit the country except for Yitzhak Rabin‘s funeral, which decelerated normalization between the countries.

Relations between the Israel Defense Forces and the Egyptian army were conducted on a low level, with no joint exercises. Egyptian public opinion was openly hostile towards Israel and anti-Semitic terminology was common. Civil relations between the countries were carried out by a handful of government workers and businessmen.

Despite all of this, the “cold peace” with Egypt was the most important strategic alliance Israel had in the Middle East. The security provided by the alliance gave Israel the chance to concentrate its forces on the northern front and around the settlements. Starting in 1985, peace with Egypt allowed for Israel to cut its defense budget, which greatly benefited the economy.

Mubarak became president while Israel was governed by Menachim Begin, and has worked with eight different Israeli leaders since then. He had close relations with Yitzhak Rabin and Benjamin Netanyahu. In the last two years, despite a stagnation in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and worsening relations between Netanyahu and the Arab world, Mubarak has hosted the prime minister both in Cairo and in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The friendship between Mubarak and Netanyahu is based on a mutual fear over Iran’s strengthening and the rising power of Islamists, as well as over the weakening and distancing of the U.S. government with Barack Obama at its head.

Now, with Mubarak struggling over the survival of his government, Israel is left with two strategic allies in the region: Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. These two allies promise to strengthen Israel’s Eastern battlefront and are also working to stop terror attacks and slow down Hamas.

But Israel’s relationship with these two allies is complicated. Joint security exercises are modest and the relationship between the leaders is poor. Jordan’s King Abdullah refuses to meet Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is waging a diplomatic struggle against Israel’s right-wing government. It’s hard to tell how Jordan and the PA could fill the role that Egypt has played for Israel.

In this situation, Israel will be forced to seek out new allies. The natural candidates include Syria, which is striving to exploit Egypt’s weakness to claim a place among the key nations in the region.

The images from Cairo and Tunisia surely send chills down the backs of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his cronies, despite the achievement they achieved with the new Hezbollah-backed Lebanon government. As long as the Arab world is flooded with waves of angry anti-government protests, Assad and Netanyahu will be left to safeguard the old order of the Middle East.

Egypt: Setting the Stage for World War 3?

Source : Pakalert Press

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Muslim Brotherhood: Prepare for War With Israel

Egypt’s Future; War With Israel

Israel Supplies Egypt With Crowd Dispersing Gas

US Neo Cons Fear Islamist Takeover

Obama Effectively Withdraws Support for Mubarak

undefinedIn order to make sense of the day’s headlines, we need to recall the big picture. Long ago, the London-based Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel realized that to enslave humanity, they needed to use guile.

Their unvarnished goal would meet universal opposition, so instead they fostered myriad false conflicts in order to divide and conquer.

Their main strategy was to use their control of both sides to foment gratuitous but extremely costly wars. The First World War, Second World War, Cold War, Korean and Vietnam Wars etc.  were all means of increasing their power and wealth while debilitating humanity in countless ways, including death, destruction, demoralization and debt.

The Illuminati may be setting the stage for a new world war. The template for the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt (and potentially Jordan and Saudi Arabia) is the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Here the Illuminati replaced a loyal puppet, the Shah Reza Pahlavi with the “fanatical” Islamist Ayatollah Khomeini resulting in the  trademarked “Clash of Civilizations.” This is documented in Robert Dreyfuss’ book “Hostage to Khomeini.”

Now they may be replacing loyal puppet Hosni Mubarak with a Muslim Brotherhood/ Islamist regime, ratcheting up the tension.

Muslim Brotherhood who serve the Illuminati bankers.

All our “leaders” are essentially stuffed suits. They’re puppets. The masses do not rebel unless they’re organized and financed by Masonic bodies like the Muslim Brotherhood who serve the Illuminati bankers. This is what happened in the American, French and Russian Revolutions.

All of this is bad news for the ordinary Jew-on-the-Street in Tel Aviv. It presages another major war in the Middle East, possibly heralding a world war.

It is not bad news for the leaders of Israel or America, who are Freemasons just like the Muslim Brotherhood. These “leaders” want a deadly conflagration: Masonic Islamists vs. Masonic Zionists! They’re all satanists sticking it to humanity.

Have you noticed how calmly Israel has accepted a Hezbollah government in Lebanon? All the better for war!

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World,” Masonic Grand Commander Albert Pike wrote in 1871.

“Agentur” means “agent.” The same term is used in another Illuminati document The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which dates from the same period.

The Illuminati may be setting the stage for a new world war.

The key point here is these wars are contrived. They are “caused by agentur of the Illuminati” on both sides. These agents owe their first loyalty to the Illuminati not to their countries.

Their aim is to destroy their respective countries and profit from the carnage. Pike continues:

“The [third] war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.”

The rest of the world will be drawn in.

“Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…”

At this point they will be constrained to accept the Luciferian one-world government.

So this is the hidden agenda which explains our leaders’ reactions to the demonstrations in Cairo. The Israelis give support to Mubarak because it is the kiss-of-death. But the Americans discreetly signal for him to go, better to advance the Illuminati’s lethal hidden agenda.

US Neo Cons Fear Islamist Takeover

Source : undefined

Jeremy Sapienza

Just now on MSNBC, neocon Dan Senor, former Iraq occupation spokesman, raised the possibility of intervention in Egypt.

Host Chris Jansing asked Senor, more or less, why Americans should care about what’s going on in Egypt. What are the implications for our country and economy?

Senor, as he is trained to do, conjured a dangerous false dichotomy that continues to embroil the US in pointless, expensive, deadly conflicts decade after decade.

“There are two directions it could go. If the Egyptian government — and other governments for that matter — is replaced by moderate secular, pro-American governments that actually want to truly partner with us in fighting terror and fostering some modicum of liberal democracy, progressive government, representative government throughout the region, that’s important for the United States’ security. If things go the other direction, and those governments are replaced by Islamist governments, you could have regimes there that actually incubate terrorists– that directly affect the West, the geopolitical and economic implications are enormous.

“Oil prices could really start spiraling… commodity price inflation… so this could really hit us at home economically — there’s a lot at stake right now. American forces are deployed in Afgfhanistan and Iraq today. If we have a failed state in the Middle East — a total collapse of a government with no real infrastructure that we can work with to actually succeed whatever government it replaces — we will have to deploy American resources at a time that we are pretty stretched thinly right now.”

Two options, says Senor. Egypt can only have a Renfield government that obsessively seeks to please its master to curry its continued favor, or it must descend into a benighted Islamic nutocracy and probably also somehow devolve into an undeveloped facsimile of Afghanistan. The “liberal, progressive, representative” bit is odd since Mubarak and many others like him including the recently deposed Ben Ali of Tunisia are staunch and valued allies of Washington — none embody any of those qualities.

But never mind that. IF Egypt, or the other states who are without doubt in the same line of teetering dominoes, falls, Senor raises the non-negotiable need to “deploy resources” — that’s code for invasion. In case any doubt remains, though, the mention of America’s strained “resources” makes it crystal clear. He’s testing the waters for a US attack on the most populous Arab country.

Egyptians — right now very angry with the US — are not likely to sit back, after ousting a powerful dictator, and allow this to happen. And frankly, the US doesn’t have the ability or resources to take it on, anyhow, as its utter failures in Iraq and Afghanistan prove, not to mention its perpetually botched foreign policy that consists entirely of threats and bribes everywhere else.

America’s foreign policy is still informed by the disproven — by reality, mind you — philosophy of the neoconservatives. Only the debt-fueled collapse of our own system, the Military-Industrial Complex, will end the madness. Since more elections clearly can’t.


Israel Supplies Egypt With Crowd Dispersing Gas

Source : MEMO

The International Network for Rights and Development has claimed that Israeli logistical support has been sent to Egypt‘s President Hosni Mubarak to help his regime confront demonstrations demanding that he steps down as head of state. According to reports by the non-governmental organisation, three Israeli planes landed at Cairo‘s Mina International Airport on Saturday carrying hazardous equipment for use in dispersing and suppressing large crowds.

In the statement circulated by the International Network, it was disclosed that Egyptian security forces received the complete cargoes on three Israeli planes which were, it is claimed, carrying an abundant supply of internationally proscribed gas to disperse unwanted crowds. If the reports are accurate, this suggests that the Egyptian regime is preparing for the worse in defence of its position, despite the country sinking into chaos.

On Sunday 30 January, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Israeli government ministers in a public statement saying: “Our efforts aim at the continued maintenance of stability and security in the region… and I remind you that peace between the Israeli establishment and Egypt has endured for over three decades… we currently strive to guarantee the continuity of these relations.

” Netanyahu added, “We are following the events unfolding in Egypt and the region with vigilance… and it is incumbent at this time that we show responsibility, self-restraint and maximum consideration for the situation… in the hope that the peaceful relations between the Israeli establishment and Egypt continue…”

The Israeli prime minister urged Israeli government ministers to refrain from making any additional statements to the media.

Egypt’s future: War with Israel

Source : pravda.ru

43224.jpegRecent developments in Egypt clearly indicate that Mubarak has effectively lost control over the situation in the country. The police were unable to control people’s anger and simply fled. Introduction of curfews and bringing the army into the streets did not work either. The army has virtually split. In the best for Mubarak case, the military take a neutral position, at worst they make friends with the people.

The latter was a particularly unpleasant discovery for the head of the state. Coming from the military background, he was convinced that the military would support him. In the past Mubarak headed the Egyptian air force and used to personally fly to attack the positions of Israeli troops. In addition, before bringing the military into the streets to fight the demonstrators, Mubarak generously gave them money. Yet, this has not made them more willing to shoot at their brothers and fathers who are protesting against corruption and poverty.

The position of the current Egyptian President is worsened by the fact that all the opposition forces – the Islamists, leftists, and democrats – are united against him. There is also a respected authority claiming the power in the country – the former head of the IAEA Mohamed ElBaradei.

One of the major mistakes of the current Egyptian President was that he was afraid of competition with moderate Islamists, and in the elections in the end of 2010 simply did not let the “Muslim Brotherhood” into the Parliament. Earlier, when they were sitting there delineating responsibilities for making certain decisions with the “party of power,” the radicals were not to be afraid of. Emerging contradictions were resolved one way or the other.

One of the major mistakes of the current Egyptian President was that in the elections in the end of 2010 simply he did not let the "Muslim Brotherhood" into the Parliament.

Yet, now the Islamists have nowhere to retreat, the more so because the situation is not in favor of Mubarak. Given that 40 percent of Egypt’s population is poor (with a monthly income less than 50 dollars a month), the opposition is supported by tens of millions of Egyptians.

Finally, the last blow was struck by the West. Many European and American leaders virtually took the side of the opposition. Mubarak was criticized for excessive use of force and pointed to the need for democratic reforms in the country.

In essence, what we are witnessing now can be described as a collapse of the government. This is confirmed by the fact that Mubarak has decided to replace the cabinet. The opposition sees this as a sign of weakness and at the same time as a strategic trick whose goal is to let people blow off steam and stay in power until the fall when the next election is scheduled. However, even if Mubarak somehow miraculously manages to stay in power, it is clear that the operation “Successor” has already failed.

Hosni Mubarak‘s age does not play is his favor either. It is no secret that even in the best case scenario he does not have much time left. Few people are willing to dance to the tune of his non-authoritative and politically weak son Gamal.

Meanwhile, there are fears that the fall of Mubarak’s regime would lead to chaos in the country. So far the opposition is united under the banner “overthrow Hosni and then we’ll see.” Further down the road there will be initially insoluble conflict between Islamists and liberals, Muslims and Christians, and finally, among Islamists who are divided into moderates and radicals. In addition, the army also has its ambitions for power.

In the short term the fall of Mubarak will cause a chain reaction and lead to the collapse of secular and monarchical regimes in other countries in the region, especially in Yemen. Jordan, Syria, and Algeria are among other candidates for the implementation of the domino effect.

Most importantly, the change of power in Egypt will radically change the balance of power in the region. It is worth mentioning that Israel remains the only country that continues to strongly support the Mubarak regime. Tel Aviv is easy to understand: the current President is the guarantor of friendly neutrality of Egypt. This country with the largest in the Arab world people resources is involved in every Arab-Israeli war. However, now Egypt’s foreign policy orientation may change dramatically.

Israel is traditionally considered to be an enemy, and should be preparing for the worst.

This has nothing to do with the classic anti-Israel stance of the Muslim Brotherhood, who after the current events will dramatically increase its influence in the country. The matter is that the only way for Egypt’s future will be the external expansion. In fact, it is programmed by the current demographics of the country. Over the past quarter century, the country’s population has doubled, and it continues to grow exponentially.

According to the most conservative estimate, the current Egyptian population that, according to unofficial data, is now at 90 million will grow by two million annually.

Whoever comes to power in the country will not be able to solve the issue of the progressive poverty. This creates long-term instability of the Egyptian authorities.

Inevitably, the power will be taken by the radical Islamists whose ideas are finding a greater understanding among youth. The gist of the concept is simple: “We live so poorly because we have forgotten about the real Islam.” Yet, the establishment of Sharia law will not be a way out from the disastrous economic situation.

There is only one way out – a war. To divert people’s discontent from the authorities, it has to be directed at an external enemy – the Zionists, who, according to the ideas of the Islamists, want no more than harming Arabs and Muslims. Israel is traditionally considered to be an enemy, and should be preparing for the worst.

Sergei Balmasov

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