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The latest Mumbai attacks > Context and possible implications

Sultan Hijazi | TX Desk

According to AFP’s initial reports, three simultaneous blasts rocked the city of Mumbai in India on July 13 killing 21 people and injuring more than 100.

India’s Home Minister Chidambaram has already come out with a statement that the attacks are “a coordinated terror strike”, and as most might be speculating, the fingers are yet again pointing towards Pakistan especially the country’s premier intelligence agency.

Following these strings of planted bomb explosions, major cities across India have been put on red alert incase of further attempts at stalling the peace in the subcontinent which surely does not benefit both countries in any way since very recently, the Foreign Secretaries of both countries held mutual talks to discuss the security issue that is the root cause of stand-still between their relationships. For India, the issue of the previous Mumbai attacks itself had barely ended and the so-called revelations by American DEA double-agent David Headley nearing their finale that another event took place that has got Pakistan surrounded by aggressive interrogating nations in the geopolitical matrix which include the US, India and the UK.

When it comes to military relations, Pakistan has had strained relationships with the US. The Pakistan Army not long ago sent back many American and British military trainers because of security concerns since it was being noticed after the Raymond Davis incident that the American CIA, rather than actually helping Pakistan fight against the TTP militia was itself complicit in supporting the terrorists and providing hazarduous material to them which were used against the state. This bold move by the Pakistan military coupled with affirmed support from powerful China sent anger within Washington and Pentagon circles resulting in a decision that the $800 million in military aid promised to Pakistan were suspended.

Adding to yet another surprising development, the Pakistan military came out with a statement that uptil now, they have been fighting against terrorism on their own resources and will continue to do so self-dependently with ISPR’s Director General Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas saying, “Pakistan does not need American aid to fight”.

In the context, the OBL incident must also be taken into consideration since the staged hoax was ultimately aimed at putting the last nail into the coffin by holding the Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence responsible for alleged involvement in providing security to a mastermind leader who was already killed about a decade ago.

Primarily, Pakistan’s Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was the target since as per the Obama administration claims, “Osama was living in Abbottabad for the past 5 years”. In those days, Gen. Kayani was the Director General of the ISI under Gen. Musharraf’s regime. He is not alone though: After the revelations by DEA agent Headley and editorial by corporate bankster-controlled New York Times, the ISI’s current Director General Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha has been portrayed and projected as an alleged supporter of terror groups that cause danger to NATO-ISAF and India in the region who “must be removed“.

The Jamaat-ud-Da’awa or JuD has long been accused of terrorism like its similar organisations such as the Jaish-e-Muhammad and Hizbul-Mujahideen. The JuD and its founder Hafiz Saeed have repeatedly clarified that the group does not believe in terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians having condemned such inhuman practices strongly during sermons. Adding to its cadre of services in the field of humanity, the JuD’s charity foundation Falaah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (part of Jamaat ud Daawa) actively participated the most in private groups in aiding Pakistanis that were affected by disastrous floods.

So far, according to the latest input from hyper-sensationalist Indian media that has a history of wreckless reporting, the attacks are most probably carried out by the “Indian mujahideen“, which the Indian establishment initially blamed during the previous Mumbai attacks. They had claimed back then that the alleged group was based in Hyderabad (India) and was “supported by the ISI“. These claims were never proven and according to Tahawwur Rana who was acquitted and David Headley’s most recent statements, none of the ISI leadership or junior officers were involved.

The Context

> Destabilizing Pakistan through covert specops involving JSOC-trained
guerrillas for carrying out smear attacks like the one on the PNS Mehran base

> Portraying Pakistan as a dangerous country where terrorists roam about freely with full logistics and mapping

> Pakistan’s “inability” to deal with terrorists who can ‘most possibly‘ head into India to cause mayhem

The Implications

> False-flag attack in India (involvement of Indian establishment) or CIA’s direct meddling into their local apparatus and causing terror later to be traced back to North Waziristan, thus enabling world powers to force Pakistan into an offensive in the region wherein no significant danger exists

> More attacks on India mean the country can get more defence funding and high-tech supplies from American firms

> Further isolation of Pakistan on the regional geopolitical matrix thus disabling it with proper influence to exert on the subcontinent’s developments especially that in Afghanistan which India’s establishment is strongly eyeing

> India’s continuous lobbying against Pakistan in Washington will result in increased chances of ceasing various supplies, possibly leading to an embargo which might lead to the propping up of a CIA-sponsored ‘uprising‘ as is being done in the Middle East and North Africa

> Ultimately, the nuclear assets of Pakistan will be the focus of international criticism in the press despite frequent assurances by the country’s nuclear experts that they are in safe hands

> Increasing pressure on the Pakistan’s government to remove the ISI’s Director General Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha

> International pressure to launch operations in Punjab against ‘LeT militants and jihadi groups‘ thereby opening up another warfront for the Pakistan Armed Forces to be stuck in (which will surely lead to chaos, anarchy and possibly civil war)

> Discrediting the slightly better Congress government in India claiming to be ‘secular‘ thus paving way for hardcore Hindu fundamentalists and extremists like the BJP to come to power. To be noted that on 14th June 2011, the Indian Express newspaper reported that Giora Bacher, Director at Zionist Israel’s foreign ministry Asia and Pacific Desk attended a meeting in which she said that the “visits (to Israel) were actually better under the Bharatiya Janata Party government”

> Making way for BJP’s rise to power by discrediting present Indian regime will prove beneficial for Zionist Israel’s interest since it will find an equivalent partner in India with a party that believes in Brahminism’s fundamental concept of Akhand Bharat (Greater India or Hindu Zionism)

> Citing Osama’s alleged presence in Abbottabad as proof of existence of Al Qaeda’s ‘headquarters‘ and that of jihadi militants in Pakistan thereby giving a perfect perception that the ISI has been involved in the regional mess all along that poses a danger to the world at large and not only India

According to one intelligence official who was immediately contacted after news broke of the unfortunate incident today: “The timing is ripe, I am sure India might again exploit this occurrence. To protect the security of the country, we will have to keep a rigid watch on Tel Aviv”.


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More convincing video of Jerusalem UFO comes to light

Source : Pakalert Press

Wake Up BD & Pakalert Press reported on an incredible UFO sighting along with accompanying video clip. The event occurred in Jerusalem at 1am on the Saturday morning. A UFO descended to the level of the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount before zooming off skywards. Since we broke the story the Internet has buzzed with talk abut this sighting. Unconfirmed reports of other witnesses have surfaced, along with a third clip of the event that many believe is a hoax and a parody.
Now a fourth video of the event has surfaced. This video was supposedly taken by a group of Israelis visiting the Old City of Jerusalem.
The shown footage in this latest clip appears more substantially more convincing than the other clips.

Unknown Light Object Landed and Tookoff in Jerusalem, Israel

Source : Pakalert Press

Recent UFO video of strange unknown light in the sky over Jerusalem in Israel. This video was recorded on Friday, 28th January 2011 around 1 am.

Witness report: This morning around 01:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm, i was witness(with another guy), an amazing ufo aircraft over Jerusalem old city (mount Moriah) Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount, (قبة الصخرة, הר הבית).
What is the meaning of this sighting ???

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