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Britain complicit in extreme torture

Source : PressTV

British authorities have collaborated with Bangladeshi security forces to hunt British nationals and interrogate them outside the country in secret bases where inmates are known to have died under torture.

Guardian quoted sources in both countries as saying London used Bangladeshi intelligence agencies and police forces to cross-examine suspects with dual British-Bangladeshi nationality in operations during which a number of detainees became victims of extreme forms of abuse.

In one of the meetings between British and Bangladeshi officials, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith met officials of Bangladeshi Directorate-General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) which was criticized for its human rights record by the Human Rights Watch just about two months earlier.

According to a DGFI officer, Smith, whose department had earlier reported prevalent torture in Bangladesh, privately called on the agency, during the meeting, to examine the case of several people whom she described as suspicious.

Reports said a number of British suspects became subject to torture in the secret interrogation center known as the Task Force for Interrogation cell (TFI).

The inmates reported horrific torture methods including being forced to stand still for six days with their hands chained to bars above their heads, receiving electric shocks and even being strapped to a chair while a drill was slowly driven into their bodies.

This is while Smith’s own department had mentioned the very torture methods used on the victims as commonplace practice by the DGFI.



Reports claimed of MI6 and MI5’s complicity in the interrogation and torture cases sanctioned by senior government officials including Smith, former foreign secretary David Miliband and former Home Secretary Alan Johnson.


This comes as earlier WikiLeaks cables revealed the British government trained the Bangladeshi rapid action Battalion (RAB), also involved in the torture cases.

RAB, which were described as a “death squad” by the Human Rights Watch, were blamed for hundreds of extra-judicial killings and human rights violation cases before receiving training by Britain.


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