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Muslim Well Known People In Pakistan Links With Freemasonry

The list in red confirms as a freemason and the list in blue confirms links with freemasons but can not be confirmed if the person himself is a freemason.

Sultan Mohammad Shah, Aga Khan (One of the founder and the first president of All Muslim league)
Syed Ahmed Ali Khan (The educator, politician, and islamic reformer)
Allama iqbal (Muslim poet and philosopher)
Muhammed Ali Jinnah (Politician lawyer and the leader of Pakistan)

So we have a small list of peoples of Pakistan so now we need a list from other Muslim nations such as Turkey, SyriaJordan, Egypt etc.

Source :





7 Responses

  1. Hi there..
    I was just reading the comments up there about the Freemasons in pakistan. What is your source of information. As you know i can add many names to the list but where the list comming from is very important.
    And if those people were freemasons then there must be many more at the moment as well.
    Do you have any information about the freemasons in BD. I have come to know that there is a lodge in Chittagong.
    I live in Hong Kong and i have many good friends who are masons.

    Hope to here from you soon.

    Kashif Khan

    • Hi thanks, for your comment ……
      I have already put source link below of the article. But, Our posts are based on several sites & links, we certainly don’t know whether it is authenticated or not.

      I m amazed that you have friends who are masons. Please give me the details info about BD lodge through your masonic friend. . . .

      I m just waiting for your reply 🙂

      Thank you.

  2. absolutely lame unauthentic list. i dont deny there must be many freemasons in pakistan but mentioning Allama Iqbal in this list is the funniest anecdote i ever heard. the poet whose words are soaked in islamic essence and wisdom is being called a freemason? the bangalis have right to be biased against pakistan but for Gods sake not to this extend!

  3. ضرب کلیم

    اہرام مصر

    اس دشت جگرتاب کی خاموش فضا میں
    فطرت نے فقط ریت کے ٹیلے کیے تعمیر
    احرام کی عظمت سے نگونسار(شرمندہ) ہیں افلاک
    کس ہاتھ نے کھینچی ابدیت کی یہ تصویر
    فطرت کی غلامی سے کر آزاد ہنر کو
    صیاد ہیں مردان ہنر مند کہ نخچیر

    ڈاکٹر اقبال

    Muhammad Iqbal wrote:

    “As I think, the concept of the Mahdi, Masih and Mujaddad is a completely Iranian and Ajmi perception. This concept has no link to the Qur’an, Islam and Arabic perceptions.”

    Source: Allama Iqbal, ‘’Iqbal Nama, Volume 2’’, Bazm-e-Iqbal, Lahore, Pakistan, Letter No. 87

  4. “links with freemasons” is a really broad term. politics back then was different. in order to compell british freemasons to consider muslim entity, it was assencial to have links. it doesnt mean iqbal was interested in freemasonry. I was hoping to read from someone who had enough balls to name the freemasons like Mr. and Mrs. Najam Sethi

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