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Indian Chief of Army Enters in Bangladesh

By: Abu Zafar Mahmood, USA

Yes! The news finally comes true. The Indian Army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh is entering in Bangladesh on Sunday June 19 and he will oversee their military interests. The cadets will salute his command in passing out parade at Fauzdarhat Military Academy, Chittagong.

https://i2.wp.com/topnews.in/law/files/gen-vijay-kumar-singh.jpgIndian Army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh

Though from the government side it is told that the Indian COAS will be honored by Bangladesh Army as the Indian Army contributed in our liberation war in 1971 and VK Sing is the only alive officer of those contributors. We, the liberation warriors should take it easy and continue the same friendlier feeling as was in the battle field. But it`s hard for me to forget the betrayal that I witnessed their open conspiracy against Bangladesh Armed forces and Mukti bahinee where they ignited the liberation warriors in so many ways in a goal of establishing absolute Indian control on war as the stage of invading Bangladesh. The world experienced Bangladesh victory with ending session of the liberation war and the Indian`s friendlier magic on 16 December 1971.

Passing out parade, Bangladesh Military Academy, Bhatiary

However, here is no reason to believe it is a friendlier visit only and Bangladesh army is saluting his command in Bangladesh sacrificing their highest patriotic morality. It is a strategic move of Indian chief whatever secretly arranged earlier by the heads of both governments. Bangladeshi Prime Minister acts seller in this perspective as she lost the moral courage to discuss open on her deals with India and involve the opposition parties in the parliament to support her. She don`t do it and never care to do that.

I boldly criticize and oppose such cowardness and selling the dignity of Independence of beloved Bangladesh in exchange of a person/group`s private interests. It is unbelievable that Bangladesh army initiate indesigning this suicidal military strategy that push them under Indian dictation. We will not accept the Prime Minister ignores the Military dignity of Bangladesh and will provide the appropriate answer of this political trade of selling the armed-force and the Independence of Bangladesh.

On Monday May 16 The Chief of Army Staff General M Abdul Mubeen apprised President Zillur Rahman of this by paying him a call on at Bangabhaban, reports BSS. http://www.newstoday.com.bd/index.php?option=details&news_id=27739&date=2011-05-17

Huge criticisms are spreading in inside and abroad on this surrender to India. Though in the early reports the Indian biased Medias hided V K Sing`s receiving salute in passing out parade. That happened with the signal of “New MujibBahinee” from inside the Government administration.

“ Mujib Bahinee” is reorganized with new design. Government has positioned 4, 84,960 (Four Lac Eighty four thousands and nine hundred sixty) Fanatic Hindu since the new political leadership empowered in the government in January 2009. The other members are pro-Indian Muslims and other anti-Nationalists and anti-Muslims. Their goal is to squeeze the Muslim majority in Bangladesh as Indian leadership is serious allergic to Bangladeshi Muslims. So, their intelligence RAW has been buying the opportunists to weaken the strength of the nationalists.


India's nasty intelligence wing RAW Logo

The Indian Army and RAW maintain Military strategic policy for Bangladesh as it continues for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is their base of training the terrorists and military expansion. Pakistan is Indian target to keep growing turmoil and massacre through Talibans and others. Bangladesh to run as annexed Indian state as it is located in strategic geographical location to connect South East and South Asia at the same time to get control over sea-route of the Strait of Malacca, carrying about one-quarter of the world’s traded goods including oil, Chinese manufactures, and Indonesian coffee. It is a Major Oil transportation route of China.

Indian Army Chief General V K Singh will land in Bangladesh on June 19. He will receive salute in the passing out parade of the military cadets in Chittagong Fauzdar Hat Cadet College. This will be the record on Bangladesh History that Bangladeshi military officers salute the Indian Military Chief in passing out parade. He will be honored as Bangladesh Army Chief or Commander in chief of Armed forces in this perspective. The frustrations of the liberation warriors and other patriots are mounting.


Tri-service badge of Bangladesh Armed Forces

Bangladesh Armed-forces that was founded during the liberation war of Bangladesh under the command of M. A. G Osmanee, did not even salute the Indian Chief in the passing out parades though the Indian army was the allied force in the war.

The angers have been spreading among the patriot citizens and that turns hot as fry-pan against the Hasina government. People treat them traitors and the melted matters from volcanoes have started flowing.


The Indian backing for forming Hasina government in January 2009 and the “alternative war” on military officers in BDR Headquarter Philkhana in February, next month. Also the elimination of BDR clearly confirms Indian benefits. “Alternative war” is a war that appears in different faces or disguises manner but damage and eliminate in same form of war.

Now it is more clear to the political quarters that India has created their multiple pockets in Bangladesh to continue the implementation of their goals. As the naked Indian collaborating of the Hasina government appears as the act against the existence of Bangladesh and that results annexation with India, BNP with her alliance has taken the strong Nationalist stand to push down the government.

Fortunately Vijay Kumar will be received and saluted by some coward sector commanders of Mukti Bahinee also and he love to see them who were loyal to Indian Army earlier without any hassle and attended happily in the betrayal session of the history of war. They stepped in turning the Victory event of Bangladesh into Indian victory over Pakistan with the strategy to annex Bangladesh in time.

(Abu Zafar Mahmood, Washington DC.

E-mail: rivercrossinternational@yahoo.com & azmnyc@gmail.com)

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  2. Funny article.

    • Then you r a funny guy……… Outdated like the SR 71 BlackBird

  3. An article from sick mind … Did you wife still lives with you …. If not then that day is not far away …. run baby run

  4. many of the things are really facts. we should understand the relationship between india and bd more clearly.

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