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A Plan within a Plan – Indo-Israel Nexus And The Assassination of Maulana Shaukat Shah

Just 5 days ago, when Frontline Kashmir was told about an intelligence report that SOMETHING was going to happen in Jammu & Kashmir soon and Indo-Israel nexus had planned a multi-objective covert operation in Kashmir, i was wondering what this impotent RAW could come up with this time. The ultimate objective was to launch surgical strikes on suspected militant outfits in Azad Kashmir to engage Pakistan army over there. Entire operation was said to be funded by Israeli agencies because it was a part of an even greater plan which would have benefited Israel ultimately. Fleet was ready with an execution plan. Keep in mind the movement of chinese forces on the borders which i would relate to all these happenings later in this post. Pakistan‘s Agencies were aware and informed about this plan. This plan was discussed with the Ministry of State security (MSS) by Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) immediately. Chinese Forces, which are already in a strategic partnership with Pakistan Army, displayed a strategic move to counter this evil plan and beefed up its forces along the line of Control just to convey a message to Indo-Israel nexus that any move of aggression against Pakistan in Azad Kashmir would be countered jointly by Sino-Pak nexus. That was the reason why General Parnaik and Indian media started shouting on the move of Chinese forces along the Line of Control (LoC) because they knew they didn’t have guts to face Pakistan and China Simultaneously. The crux of saying is that Chinese move on the border was not purposeless.


Indo-Israeli nexus had planned a multi-objective covert operation in Kashmir

When there comes the game between the secret agencies, always expect not only one but a pipeline of alternate plans there in case the first plan is thwarted by opponent. What next was the assassination of Maulana shaukat Shah at Maisuma Srinagar on April 8, 2011 in an IED planted blast. That was a great loss for kashmiris as deceased was a learned scholar. He always preached for non-violent resistance. When entire valley was mourning over the death, i had something else in my mind. I was wondering why could he be the target of some? Who could be behind his assassination? But all of sudden, i got a clue for my queries from one facebook page post.

After the martydom of Maulana Showkat Shah, SM Sahai IG Kashmir wrote on his page ,

“This is a such huge tragedy, personal loss for me.”

Then his next post was,

“Prof Gani Bhat has already revealed who do these things to the moderate leaders seeking peace”.


Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat


Whom IG Sahai tried to blame and why?

This came just few hours after the assassination of Maulana. Without any investigation if the police head is giving a statement, it means it came out for some Purpose. What that purpose was? What did Ghani Bhat revealed? Whom IG Sahai tried to blame and why? On what basis? Don’t forget that this saying is coming from a Police head whose statements are always based on investigations and facts and not just like the conspiracy theories and political statements coming up from politicians and political commentators. Plus if he (MAulana sahib) was so dear to him(Sahai) and he was a moderate leader seeking peace, then why did Indian authorities put him behind the bars under the draconian PSA for 6 months in 2008. We are being told that PSA means Public Safety Act meant for those who are enemies of peace. Sheer hypocricy here.If thry knew that his life was in danger, then why such a lax security for him?

https://i0.wp.com/www.greaterkashmir.com/Gallery_images/photo_10_4_2011_920.jpegThousands of people offered Namaz-e-Jinzah of Maulana Showkat Shah, killed in an IED blast, at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on Friday.

It was just the one half of the Plan-B of RAW

Now everything was clear to me. He was trying to Put blame on a “Pro-freedom leader” who enjoys the support of almost 80% Pro-freedom Kashmiris. It was a move for his character assassination but let me tell you it was just the one half of the Plan-B of RAW. By Putting blame on stated leader, Plan was to divide Kashmiris on political and sectarian basis. The reason why Maulana shaukat was chosen for this operation was that he had a difference of opinion with the Geelani about the stone-pelting and even he issued a Fatwa against it. So by Picking up Maulana shah for it, it was easier for them to make people believe Pro-freedom camp was behind his assassination due to the differences between them on stone-pelting. I was observing each and every news report of Indian and Pro-Indian kashmiri media very closely as i was sure something important would come up which would tell the direction of future happenings. Eventually i came across a news report “LeT wants Srinagar blast blame on Hindutva outfits” http://www.inewsone.com/2011/04/08/let-wants-srinagar-blast-blame-on-hindutva-outfits/42093 .

It further says,

“Intelligence agencies have intercepted a telephonic conversation of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) spokesperson in Pakistan asking a Kashmiri journalist to put the blame of Friday’s Srinagar blast that killed a top religious leader on Hindutva groups, including the Shiv Sena”

Now there plan was clear to me. When China foiled their Plan A, they tried to generate an excuse through this way to involve militants from across the border and then carry out surgical strikes.

Now that was just an attempt to bow the seed for upcoming tree of propaganda. RAW is full of stupid and brainless lot i must say who do not even know how to replicate and re-implement the western tactics of covert operations and false flags. They made mistakes and they were Exposed. I was still waiting for more to come and suddenly i saw a post on GREATER KASHMIR which said “Hizb Militant caught with ammunation : Kashmir Police”. Without wasting any time i posted that link on the Frontline Kashmir but Greater Kashmir removed that report with in no time. But i was able to locate the link for that report which is not working now  http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fgreaterkashmir.com%2FShowStoryLatest.asp%3FNewsID%3D2094&h=54d94.No doubt Greater Kashmir was always a tool for Indian propaganda campaign but here it went a step ahead in serving its master. This report reminded me of few tactics Intelligence agencies use to adopt while carrying out such operations and the most common tactic is  “Group Penetration Insurgency Tact” .I Predict, with in next couple of days, the same guy will be brought in front of media acknowledging that he was involved in the assassination and he planned everything. He was getting directions from across the border and he was a part of some Xyz jihadi organization. If not him, some other guys will be ready to become such scapegoat. This is how the “False Flag attacks” are given direction to shape the future events.  I am sure that news report will be published again in next few days and blame will be put on Mujahideen and Geelani. In short this operation had two objectives. 1- to create a situation to launch surgical strikes on AJK .2- to divide kashmiris by involving a popular kashmiri leader in this incident.

Atlast, do not overlook the recent nonsensical statment by US officials which says,

” Separatists are involved in Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir” http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftimesofindia.indiatimes.com%2Fworld%2Fus%2FSeparatists-terrorists-involved-in-human-rights-abuses-in-India-US%2Farticleshow%2F7918652.cms&h=d11b2. It clearly shows how has India created a opinion internationally in support of its plan.

Join all these dots and you shall get answers of many of your queries.

Few more news reports in support of my Note :

Indian General alert: Chinese troops on Indo-Pak LoC


US agencies confirm presence of Chinese troops along LoC in PoK Despite the strong Chinese denial, US agencies have confirmed to Indian authorities about the presence of Chinese troops all along the LoC in PoK.Here comes the involvement of USA. USA was never concerned about Kashmir so much as it showed its concern in past 2 weeks. Why??) http://story.northkoreatimes.com/index.php/ct/9/cid/5e8a9e9456185a7e/id/44485517/

S M Sahai’s posts ( when Maulana was alive, he was charged with PSA. Why so much sympathy now Mr Sahai?) http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=183831388330336&id=131455413567934


Omar Abdullah’s tweet (same as Sahai’s case. Sympathy shown without any reason) http://twitter.com/#!/abdullah_omar

Prepared by Admin (MS)

Sources : Classified


Website : www.frontlinekashmir.org

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