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Book Review : Seven Real Conspiracies

Activist Post writer, Brandon Turbeville, has just released his second book: 7 Real Conspiracies.  Brandon is known for his detailed research, principally in the area of Codex Alimentarius.  In his new book, he uncovers additional facts about the overall global agenda of control that works in tandem with the restrictions on health freedom he has uncovered.
Visitors to alternative news sites might be familiar with many of the conspiracies that now have a mountain of evidence to support their validity.  Yet, even frequent visitors will find new information here, as he presents the 7 most blatant conspiracies for those who are open to seeing the available information, then shows how they intertwine to form one overarching agenda.
We encourage you to support his work and use this book to educate others about the lies, cover-ups, distortions, and agenda of dehumanization that has been unfolding for a very long time.  7 Real Conspiracies is an excellent companion piece to the classics in alternative literature.

The 7 Conspiracies Revealed


Vaccines — Vaccines are responsible for a host of diseases and disabilities such as fibromyalgia, autism, auto-immune disorders, and even death. Vaccines have never been proven to be effective, much less safe.  The accepted history of vaccination is nothing like what we have been taught.  This chapter demonstrates clearly that one should question the conventional medical defense of vaccination.


Fluoride — Fluoride is not the whitening miracle chemical that we have been led to believe, but is rather a conglomeration of toxic waste made from pesticide factories and other manufacturing plants. Fluoride is responsible for a host of health problems, as well as reduced IQ and lethargy — especially in children. Adding Fluoride to municipal water supplies is absolute insanity from the point of view of those drinking it . . . and perhaps diabolical genius by those adding it.
9/11 — The official story of 9/11 is nothing more than a fairy tale with massive holes in the government’s explanation of events. This chapter goes beyond proving that the United States government was simply complicit in the attacks, but shows how rogue government, intelligence, and military agents were responsible for the coordination and execution in one of the grandest conspiracies of all time.
The Federal Reserve — The Federal Reserve is not a bulwark against banking fraud, but rather a facilitator of it. Easily proven, the author shows how the Federal Reserve is in fact a private banking institution functioning merely as a cartel whose goal is to suck up all of the wealth of the American people into their own coffers. This chapter also demonstrates the insanity of fractional reserve banking and how the current monetary system is destined for disaster.
Chemtrails — In this section, the author explains the history and health impacts of a chemical spraying campaign that has managed to go on right over our heads for close to 13 years. With citations from the government’s own documents and quotes from the mouths of those directing the campaign, the fact that we are being sprayed like bugs is undeniable.
One World Government — The words of the elite themselves are enough to prove that this conspiracy exists. However, the author goes a step further and explains the history and the reasoning behind the desire to create a one world government, as well as how this government will resemble a global version of Nazi Germany instead of a harmonious utopia.
The Depopulation Agenda — Like one world government, when discussing open conspiracies the depopulation agenda ranks as one of the most open of the seven, simply because we have the words of the elite globalists themselves. This chapter, while explaining the goals and reasoning behind the depopulation plot, is filled with quotes from the elite themselves, leaving no doubt that there is an agenda to reduce the population by whatever means available.

For years, anyone who questioned the official explanations of the subjects outlined above was considered a conspiracy theorist. Yet, the questions still persist. In this short, compact book, author Brandon Turbeville lets the facts speak for themselves. In a clear, concise, and easy-to-read manner, Turbeville delves into each of these issues and more, proving that there is much more to the story than what we have been told.

4 Responses

  1. None of those conspiracies are true. They are all made up by fantasists who should know better.

    That someone wrote a book about them and is making money on it is disgusting.

    • We don’t know whether these are truth or not. We just believe in coincidence. But it could be & the time will expose everything !!!!!! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Wakeupbd,
    Interesting Thoughts, Hi, I am looking for the best conspiracy books about 9/11 and/or Roswell, they are for my mom and for me – i am 15. So far i have ”9/11 10 years on” any reviews on that would also be helpful. Bit of a tight budget aswell.

    Thanks you in advance
    Keep up the good work

  3. The book is called The 1000 Year conspiracy “Secret Germany Behind the Mask (historical roots of Nazism)” by Winkler. It’s a book written during WWII and discusses the development of Nazism in Germany. The book is really an amazing historical read and i felt while reading it that there might be some importance to it. When I looked up the book I can find numerous reviews of the book and downloads of the script but no actual copies of the book itself. I bought the book at a little used book shop, it’s ominous title and beautiful black leather binding really drew me to it. I only paid $50 for it and I don’t care if it’s worth less I just want to know how important it really is.

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