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Book Review : Origins of the Bangladesh Army


Author : Sabir Abdus Samee

Category : New (Academic)

First Published : May 2010

Publishers : Bornali Book Center

Type of book : Historical / Political / Military History

General Subject Matter : History of the Bangladesh Army

Price : Taka 120.00

ISBN : 978-984-645-056-9

This is the first book on the history of the Bangladesh Army. If you are interested about Bangladeshi history, politics and Bangladesh Army, you will enjoy this book.

“Origins of the Bangladesh Army” is available in the following places:

Boi Bichitra
House No- 141, Road-12,
Block-E, Banani

Boi Bichitra
Rupayon Golden Age

491/1 Mogbazar, Wireless Rail Gate

You can ask any salesperson to give you a copy, if you do not find the book in display.

If you have any problem in finding the book, you can contact the author at sabir_samee@yahoo.co.uk

Book Review


Origins of the Bangladesh Army by Sabir Abdus Samee

Amalia Macris

Sabir Abdus Samee’s work Origins of the Bangladesh Army brings a new take on historical and political events, as seen through his eyes and interpreted by him. As the son of a Bangladeshi army officer, he spent his childhood in Bangladeshi cantonments. It is clearly a topic close to his heart that he has tried to bring more light to for outsiders.

The book is divided into five chronological parts starting from 1757 with the Legacy left from the British Raj, followed by the Pakistani years (1947 – 1971) and the war of Independence which took place in 1971 and saw the foundation of the Bangladesh Army. The book continues with the subsequent victory that came in the same year and ends with the Bangladesh Army after Independence (1972 to present). Through this account the author has tried to bring out the truth and challenge views of intellectuals and politicians regarding the Bangladesh Army. Full of references to other sources and quotes from politicians and Army Officials that add colour and dimension to the text Origins of the Bangladesh Army tells the story of those who fought for the Army, those who were sacrificed and those who were victorious. The role of the Bangladeshi media is also analysed in this book, examining the political affiliations of each source and their portrayal of events.

This is a book suitable for anyone who has an interest in military books and reading about historical facts, or for someone carrying out research on the history of Bangladesh to present date. Books on the topic do exist but a Western point of view is often presented, it is therefore interesting and useful to have a book in English giving a Bangladeshi’s perspective of events.

Amalia Macris is a Communication Consultant and Writer. She lives in Cyprus.

You can reach the Author at :


10 Responses

  1. Sajib @ I am not an army officer or a soldier. But you are a bad person with a bad mouth.

  2. Due to use of offensive & slang language Sajib’s (sajib12@yahoo.com , 01677002097) comment has been removed.
    His IP Location info : Nagar Bhaban, Dhaka, Bangladesh with a Qubee Modem.
    Further more click here : http://www.ip-address.org/lookup/ip-locator.php

  3. Thank you moderator for moving slang.

  4. Dear Web-site Admin:
    I am the author of origins of Bangladesh Army book.
    In your web-site you published a book review on my book Origins of Bangladesh Army. But a reader told me that my book is published online without my permission. If by any chance if my book is published in your web-site, please remove it. I maintain its full copyright authority.
    Sabir Abdus Samee

    • Dear Author, I don’t have any e-book version of your book. So, how can i publish your book online ?!! I only have your book’s review that i publish in my site. If this review create any problem for you, tell me, I don’t hesitate to remove it. Thank you.

      • Dear Web-site Admin:

        Please keep this book review. The book review is positive for my book. It did not create a problem. There is no e-book version of my book in your web-site. I misunderstood a friend’s message. Thank you for publishing the book review. Please keep the book review. There is no need to remove it.
        Thank you.
        Sabir Abdus Samee

  5. Inshallah a second edition of this book will be published in near future.
    No need to remove this book from this blog.


    Sabir Abdus Samee
    Author, Origins of the Bangladesh Army

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