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New book Review : ‘Misro Kathan’ by General Ibrahim


Major General Ibrahim

E-mail dated: 08 Feb 2011.

For any future reference, the identity of this e-mail is 00019 dated: 08 Feb 2011.

I seek five to seven minutes from your busy schedule, to share with you some information. This is a non-specified or generalized communication, simultaneously for close friends, light acquaintances, revered persons as well as affectionate younger ones. I pray that you condone errors if any, in the course of my discussion, I have been writing columns in newspapers. I have written few books also. The latest book is ‘Misro Kathan’, published by Anannya.

Sixty percent of the present population of Bangladesh are below the age of 40. Means, they were born in 1971 or later. First time voters of 2008 were born between 1985 to 1990; how much are they aware of the past? I feel it necessary to give them a reasonable picture of the good things and bad things in our national history; so that we can have a safer and better future.

This book is a serious book written in as much light vein as possible. The book discusses the following:

  1. My own upbringing. The environment which has influenced me.
  2. Cadet College education, which has influenced me.
  3. Few critical aspects of the war of liberation, 19th March 1971 Joydebpur Bangladesh Liberation Force or BLF, General Osmani on 16 Dec 1971, Gallantry awards etc.
  4. Aug and Nov of 1975: Colonel Taher and the Sepoy-janatar biplob: not a narrative only, but also few critical observations.
  5. Salient features of my experience in Bangladesh Army: achievements and failures, in various command and staff responsibilities. The influence of the army on my life. Role of army in Bangladesh.
  6. A resume of the problem in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). A narrative as to how the founding commander of Shanti Bahini Mr. M N Larma was killed. Our role in peace making. CHT and security of Bangladesh. Hard work ‘beyond the call of duty’.
  7. General Ziaur Rahman. Army mutiny in Chittagong in May 1981 and the court martial trial of Army Officers inside Chittagong jail, where I was a defending officer or an advocate for the accused.
  8. An exceptional event in politico-military history of Bangladesh: May 1996. The pen is mightier than the sword!!!
  9. A critical examination of General Ershad’s coup-de-tat in 1982 and his departure in December 1990. Role of army in his departure. Similarities with Pakistan Army.
  10. Gradual formation of political views within my own self and gradual expression through the media. How to bring about change (for the better) in Bangladesh political culture?
  11. Political structure in the country. Why Awami League in 1949, Why Rakkhibahini in 1972, why JSD in 1972, why BAKSAL in 1975, why BNP in 1978, why JP in 1985 and why Bangladesh Kallyan Party in 2007?
  12. An outline of what we are doing now in the political field. What are the difficulties. What are encouragements for working hard. Why did professor Younus withdrew?
  13. Few recommendations or proposals.
  14. What can the young people do?

The book is available in :

(1) Anannya stall number 36 in the Ekushe boi mela.

(2) Anannya 38/2, Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100, Phone number 7111643.

(3) ‘Bookworm’ near the old airport, Phone , 9120387 and mobile of Mr. Badal 01711-907704

(4) ‘Sagar Publishers’, 26 natok soroni, New Baily Road, Dhaka, Phone 9358944 and mobile of Mr. Jewel 01716-544444.

(5) Other book shops in due course of time.

About the book contact persons in my personal office are:

(1) Mr. Rabbul Islam Khan 01830-100100,

(2) Mr. AAB Ripon 01614-025202

(3) Retired Warrant Officer Mr. Asaduzzaman 01718-034369

(4) Ms. Koraisha Begum Sabiha 01715-013651.


This message is not for marketing of the book as a commodity but marketing of the information and ideas contained in the book. I seek your personal patronization and co-operation, for the sake of our beloved country. One possible co-operation is that you read the book and inter-act later if possible. Another possible co-operation is that you circulate this e-mail message of mine to those you know. I am also in the face-book; name there is SYED MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM.

Date: 08 Feb 2011.

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