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Choppers, anti-mine vehicles new teeth for Indian Warmonger BSF


Indian Border Security Force (BSF)

Dhruv light helicopter

Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV) by Mahindra

AGARTALA: To strengthen vigil along the Bangladesh border further, India‘s border troopers are to use Dhruv light helicopters, mine protected vehicles (MPV) and other modern gadgets and devices, a top Border Security Force (BSF) officer said here on Tuesday.
“Considering the vulnerability and other security perceptions, we have to strengthen the surveillance along the international border with Bangladesh,” BSF’s Tripura frontier inspector general, Ashok Kumar Jain, said. According to the senior Indian Police Service officer, some MPVs have already been introduced in a number of BSF units along the border while the choppers would be pressed into service by next month.

“The light chopper would provide aid to the troopers for quick deployment during any emergency and to supply foodstuff to the BOPs (border outposts) situated at inaccessible locations, and also to intercept movement of militants of separatist outfits,” he added. Over 80 per cent of the 856-km India-Bangladesh border in Tripura has already been fenced and work on the remaining portion is on.

The ongoing construction of barbed wire fencing is expected to be completed by March 2012. “Our close watch and guard would be mainly along the unfenced, porous border,” the BSF official said. India and Bangladesh share a 2,979-km land border and 1,116 km of riverine boundary in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Assam.

Besides using night vision devices, the BSF is to introduce non-lethal weapons like batons, rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas along the border by next month. “The specially made rubber bullets would also be used on intruders or smugglers. There is no chance of death, but the injured person would suffer severe pain,” he said.

According to the official, security forces are currently using non-lethal weapons only in Jammu and Kashmir to disperse violent mobs. Security personnel have also been using non-lethal weapons to deal with internal security troubles and crowds.

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