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Sandusky Ohio: Illuminati Headquarters?

Source : Bofads

Venice, Rome, Paris, Washington D.C. – these cities are all associated with the Illuminati.  But there is one city that has a stronger tie to the Illuminati than all of them put together.  That city is Sandusky, Ohio.  We met with noted French cartographer (map expert) Jacques Itche to discuss cities whose layout was influenced by the Illuminati.  When Itche told us that Sandusky topped the list of Illuminati cities, we laughed at him.  Then he showed us the evidence.

This first picture is a satellite map of Sandusky.  As you can see, the streets are clearly positioned to form the Illuminati seal.

sandusky ohio map illuminati

Even after the first picture, we were not convinced until Itche stripped away the clutter from the image and allowed us to focus on the streets themselves.  Most cities are arranged in a grid, with horizontal and vertical streets.  But Sandusky adds the diagonal streets.  Why would a city add these seemingly useless streets?  And why would the streets end at the exact point where the Illuminati seal is completed?

Sandusky was founded in 1818.  Sandusky’s websiteindicates that German and Irish stonecutters were attracted to the area to fill the city’s building needs.  This provides the first clue.  The Napoleonic Wars raged from 1792 to 1814, causing upheaval across Europe.  It is now known that the Napoleonic Wars were one of the few wars that were waged without Illuminati consent.  As a result, Illuminati operations were interrupted.  The Illuminati realized they needed a western outpost to rule America in case European control was hindered by further social disruption.  Immigration to the United States grew exponentially during this time, and the Illuminati snuck their members into the country posing as Irish and Germans.  With the communication lines in disarray, the Illuminati in Europe were unable to tell the American sleeper agents where to go.  Instead used the Sandusky city layout as a beacon to Illuminati agents to move to the city.  Those German and Irish stonecutters?  Illuminati.

sandusky ohio map illuminati

Itche also provided a more sinister explanation for the strange street layout.  There is a school of researchers who believe that the street layout is a beacon to the alien life forms recently discovered by NASA.  According to this theory, the Illuminati sleeper agents who immigrated to Sandusky were collaborating with aliens.  The streets can be viewed with a high powered microscope from space.  The aliens would then use this signal (and others like it) to know where to abduct people for their experiments.  In exchange, the Illuminati got samples of the alien DNA to help them develop super-soldiers.

Shockingly, there is evidence of increased U.F.O. activity around Sandusky that supports this theory:

* February 2, 1959:  A University of Michigan Professor and his wife saw a yellow half-sphere in the sky.

* April 22, 1966:  State Trooper Alex Fisher witnessed a “brilliant ball of light” in the sky for more than an hour.

* September 13th, 2007:  Three witnesses observed an elliptical shaped object in the sky over Sandusky.

sandusky ohio illuminati

Could this be a beacon to extraterrestrials?

Postscript: The Illuminati are most likely mobilizing right now to stop our message of knowledge. Educate yourself, because knowledge is power. It is only a matter of time before they shut this site down in an attempt to silence us.  Please forward this link to everyone you know. We have to get this message of truth out before we become the next target of … the Illuminati.

8 Responses

  1. I’ve often thought there were a few aliens living in Sandusky.

  2. What U see in the layout of Sandusky’s streets is a Masonic symbol, because the Mason’s laid out the street grid in 1817-1818, long before any such “Illuminati organization” ever came in2 existence. So the fundamental premise of ur article being wrong makes this post nothing more than hysteria.
    Stop the madness!

    • I agree that this article is an absurd jumble of speculation and hysteria, but the Illuminati were officially formed in 1776 in response to the formation of an independent Christian nation called the United States of America. And they existed for many years before that in the form of such organizations as the Knights Templar and the Freemasons.

    • Brother Kilbourne !
      This exact diagram is locally called the “Kilbourne Plat “

  3. One more correction – Sandusky didn’t actually become an incorporated city until 1824.

  4. Hector Kilbourne was a member of masonic lodge 50 in sandusky and was also the surveyor hired to plot out the streets of an early Sandusky. The square and compass design was an homage to his lodge. There is still an area of Sandusky called the Kilbourne Platte in honor of his contributions to the founding if the city. Not as exciting as this BS story, but interesting nonetheless.

    • Brother Kilbourne !
      This exact diagram is locally called the “Kilbourne Plat ”
      Science lodge 50

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