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The Illuminati : A Concise Description

Source : MANGOD

The Illuminati is considered by a significant number of people to be a covert force that has created or taken over groups and organisations to manipulate the world in their desired direction and that it is now part of a global elite sometimes described as the New World Order. The Illuminati is believed to be a leading vehicle for manipulation, but by no means the sole vehicle. What follows is strictly a viewpoint from the perspective of those who subscribe to the existence of a global elite or New World Order, and is not necessarily embraced by Ecclesia Apostolica Sancti Graal. It is proffered here for those seeking subjective information.

Adam Weishaupt was a Bavarian Illuminati who, on 1st May 1776, with the financial support of the House of Rothschild, founded a German expression of Illuminism. However, the Bavarian seers can be traced back to a 16th century Muslim cult of illuminated men called the Roshaniya in Afghanistan. Weishaupt produced the “Law of Fives.” His original inner council was structured around the pentagram. This inner council comprised of five men: Weishaupt’s friend, Kölmer, Sir Francis Dashwood (of the satanic Hellfire Club), Alphonse Donatién de Sade (from whom derives the word “sadism”), Meyer Amschel Rothschild (founder of the powerful banking house) and Weishaupt himself who used his wing of the Illuminati to infiltrate and control Freemasonry. Baron Adolf von Knigge, a Mason of considerable standing, joined Weishaupt in 1782 and helped infiltrate European Masonry for anti-Christian, anti-monarchial, anti-social and pro-revolutionary ends. Other notable members were Councillor Xavier von Zwack, Dietrich (Mayor of Strasbourg), Baron Thomas Bassus, Canon Hertel, Baron William von Busche, Marquis Saint Germain de Constanzo, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, Duke Ernest of Gotha, and the author Johann W Goethe. Meanwhile, Weishaupt created thirteen degrees of initiation in his Illuminati and the key personnel were to be found in the top nine degrees. These people became members of other secret societies, not only the Freemasons, and “illuminised” them ~ took them over and used them to destabilise nations and hasten the New World Order by fostering controlled chaos. They are alleged to have done the same within governments, banking, commerce, the military, and the media. Masonry, welcoming many powerful occultists and sorcerers into its highest ranks, went on to secretly infiltrate the pulpits, sessions, committees and other offices of leadership in the main churches.

The Illuminati’s greatest weapon is considered by most researchers to be the advanced esoteric knowledge it has passed on through its initiation ceremonies and the misuse and abuse of that knowledge. Hence most of those working for the New World Order agenda do not know they are doing so. The conspiracy could not exist if everyone involved was aware of the plot. Manipulating the manipulators and controlling the controllers is therefore essential to its success. Weishaupt taught that everything occurred in fives. Human history, he believed, came in a cycle of five stages: (1) Chaos, the starting point of all societies. It related, in Weishaupt’s mind, to the goddess cults of antiquity; especially to the worship of Lilith, Eris, Diana, or Kali. (2) Dicord, where a ruling class emerges and seizes control. Weishaupt related this period to introduction of the worship of Marduk or Osiris. (3) Confusion, where folk would attempt to restore a balance between the two preceding forces. He related this period to the child-god Loki or Horus or to a kind of devil. (4) Bureaucracy, the result of the synthesis of stage 3 failing. A spiritual void where absolutely no deity would be acknowledged. People cannot abide this void and escape into fantasy, drugs, or madness. During this phase the destruction of the middle class takes place. (5) Aftermath, where society implodes and reverts to chaos. The bureaucracy crashes under the weight of its own red tape and things spiral out of control. Magic and nature now rule again, and the cycle is in preparation to begin again. Hence the Scottish Rite 32° motto: “Order from Chaos.”

By dovetailing his Illuminati with Masonic Lodges, Weishaupt had built the power base he needed. He felt the stage was set for the destruction of all social institutions of the Continent. Revolutionary France was very much an experiment in Illuminism. Had God, or nature, not intervened, all Europe might well have gone the way of France and the then coming “Terror.” Weishaupt’s infiltration of Masonry might have been complete had not an Illuminati courier been blown off his horse and killed by a lightning stroke in 1785. The courier was carrying papers written in the cipher of Illuminism, and dealt with the plans of the Illuminati to subvert the Masons and the governments of Europe. The Illuminati were obliged to go underground; yet still greatly influenced the Grand Orient Lodge and the occult rites of Memphis and Mizraim (Egyptian Freemasonry).

The illustration (above) shows symbols on a tracing board used in the third degree of Craft Masonry. In the legend of the 3°, Hiram Abiff is personated by the candidate who is “slain” by a blow with a setting maul, buried in a grave due east-west, with an acacia tree planted over the grave to conceal it. The legend of Osiris of the Egyptian Mysteries parallels that of Hiram Abiff of Masonry in every detail. Craft Masonry consists of the three degrees: “Entered Apprentice,” “Fellow-Craft,” and “Master Mason.” These three degrees inspired the three degrees of modern witchcraft whose principal inspiration has been Aleister Crowley, himself initiated in 1900 into the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, and in 1904 initiated into Craft Freemasonry in Anglo Saxon Lodge Number 343 (recognised from 1964 by the Grand Orient Lodge as Number 103). In circa 1910, Crowley enetered the degrees of 33°, 90° and 95° respectively in the Rite of Memphis and Mizraim. Following a further elevation to 96°, Crowley concentrated his Masonic tendencies in the Ordo Templi Orientis where sex magic and Satanism feature strongly. Crowley was a Satanist without whom the occult explosion and satanic revival of the 20th century might never have happened.

So there is Freemasonry and Illuminised Freemasonry. The former manipulates at one level, but it, too, is being manipulated by another covert force, the Illuminati, which, in turn, answers to the global elite of the New World Order. There are organisations within organisations (eg Freemasonry within government) and yet another organisation within those organisations (the Illuminati within Freemasonry). This Illuminised form of Freemasonry became known as The Grand Orient Lodges or faction. It is said to have followed the modified Hegelian tradition of infiltrating two extremes and playing one off against the other to create the desired change. Using these methods, it was pledged to overthrow the rule of the monarchies, destroy faith in God, put an end to patriotism and nation states, abolish the ownership of property and dismantle traditional social order.

The vast majority of Freemasons in the world never progress beyond the bottom three levels of degree. But above them are another thirty levels in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and even the thirty-third degree is not the top because there are the Illuminati levels above that (and even the 33° degree itself is unofficially divided into two streams, one knowing far more than the other). Ninety percent of Freemasons are on the bottom three levels. They are the fodder and the front. Between the fourth and thirty-third degrees are those of the “right mind” who have influence in society, right up to the presidents of the United States. Then you have the Illuminati levels that you will not find mentioned in any Freemasons’ guidebook. Those are the people who are believed to actually run the show and are the agents of the New World Order.

World Freemasonry, then, is a massive pyramid of manipulation. See illustration below:

The decision to put the Illuminati and New World Order symbol on the American one dollar note was made by the thirty-third degree Freemason, Franklin D Roosvelt, in 1935, with the full support and encouragement of his vice president Henry Wallace, another thirty-third degree Mason. The leaders of the American War of Independence, including those who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were virtually all Freemasons. The first president of the United States, George Washington, was a high ranking Freemason. John Adams, the second president, belonged to a secret society known as The Dragons. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, was the first Grand Master of the Freemasons in Pennsylvania. He became a friend of Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the notorious British Hellfire Club secret society. Franklin also became a high ranking member of lodges in league with Grand Orient Lodge in Paris that would trigger the French Revolution in 1789. It is interesting to observe that the Latin words beneath the pyramid on each one dollar bill ~ Novus Ordo Seclorum ~ translate as “New World Order.” The Illuminati seal with the all-seeing-eye and pyramid are often used by powerful institutions. See examples below:

American dollar bill

Columbia Broadcasting
Columbia Pictures
Likewise the same Freemasonic names ~ names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Harriman, Milner, Dulles, Warburg, Roosvelt, House, and Baruch ~ within the Illuminati network are suspected of being behind two World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the rise of tyrants, and the constant manipulation of the financial system. These events are believed to have kept humanity in fear and division, exactly as would be required by a global manipulation strategy. See illustration below:
In times of war and peace the Illuminati pervert justice in pursuit of their own goals and for the protection offered against penalties warranted by personal acts. Masonic allegiance is always to their brotherhood. Their goals encompass self-aggrandisement, profit, and control of the world through deception or any means available that serves their purpose. Wars not only provide profit for armaments manufacturers and munitions dealers, but also serves to disrupt the politics of governments; thus making control more easily obtainable. Wars and other conflicts can also provide a boost to troubled national economies. To achieve their goals they would have little concern for the disruption of family life, or the suffering and deaths of millions. Their own membership would have little concern as they would be protected from conscription or given safe assignments away from front-line fighting ~ at least, those in the higher ranks. Is it just coincidence that Americans have become involved in so many wars since their independence?
Revolutionary War: provoked by the Boston Tea Party was the activity of Masons. Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, George Washington, John Hancock, Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, and some of those who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. All but two of the generals of the Revolutionary War were Masons.
Civil War: Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant were Masons in waiting.
Second World War: Franklin D Roosevelt and Harry S Truman were both Masons. Four cities in Japan were originally considered as military targets on which to drop the two atomic bombs. One of these cities, Kyoto, was removed from the list because of its religious and historical significance to Japan. The only city with a large population of Christians was chosen as a replacement even though it had far less strategic military significance. The largest of the two bombs dropped on Japan was reserved for Christian Nagasaki, the city with the least military significance of the four. This city was chosen with the approval of President Truman.
Korean War: President Truman, a Mason, announced on 27th June 1950 his order to send US air and naval forces into South Korea despite the fact that the United States had begun withdrawing its troops from South Korea in 1948. As late as January 1950, Secretary of State Dean Acheson had implied that the Korea Peninsula lay outside the all-important “defence perimeter” of the United States, a statement that some took to mean that the US would not defend the rest of Korea from communist attack.
Vietnam War: Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Mason, decided that more aggressive action was needed over the continuing political problems in Saigon. The Johnson administration argued for expansive war powers for the president after suspected attacks on two US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. However, Vo Nguyen Giap, the DRV’s leading military figure at the time, and Johnson’s Secretary of Defence, Robert S MacNamara, have recently concluded that no second attack ever took place. In any event, the Johnson administration used the “second attack” to secure a Congressional resolution that gave the president broad war powers.
Persian Gulf War: Forty-five Democrats filed a suit in Washington on 20th November 1990 to have President George H Bush, a Mason, first seek Congressional approval of military operations. This was to be eventually thrown out. On 16th January 1991, the first US government statement on Operation Desert Storm was made.

War on Terror: With the foundations laid by President William Clinton and completed under President George W Bush (both are members of the Masonic Skull and Bones Society) the world now has the beginnings of the supposed 21st century “war on terror.” This has witnessed an escalation of unrest, violence and conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East.

Winston Churchill, in spite (or perhaps because) of his own Freemasonic membership and knowledge, was to nonetheless admit:

“From the days of [Adam] Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy) and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kuhn (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.”

The Sunday Times, 16th April 1995, reported: “In future, scientists want to insert electronic chips into our heads so we can plug directly into the information highway. British researchers are among international teams working on an implant to translate human thought into computer language. In a generation, one group says, people with a peppercorn-sized chip in the back of the neck will be able to talk to machines.” Or, perhaps, the machines will be able to talk to them? The story of Dr Carl W Sanders was reported in Nexus in the summer of 1994. He said he attended seventeen meetings of the One-Worlders in places like Brussels and Luxemburg. The meetings, he claimed, were “tying together the finances of the world.” Dr Sanders said: “I was at one meeting where it was discussed: ‘How can you control a people if you can’t identify them?’ People like Henry Kissinger and CIA folk attended these meetings. It was discussed: ‘How do you make people aware of the need for something like this chip?’ All of a sudden the idea came: ‘Let’s make them aware of lost children etc.’ This was discussed in meetings almost like people were cattle. The CIA came up with the idea of putting pictures of lost children on milk cartons. Since the chip is now accepted, you don’t see the pictures anymore, do you? It’s served its purpose.” Dr Sanders said the manipulators want the chip to contain a name and a picture of the person’s face, an international Social Security number, fingerprint identification, physical description, family history, address, occupation, income tax information, and criminal record. The chip recharges itself by turning the changes in body temperature into a dynamo system and the most effective places they have found for this are the forehead and the back of the wrist.

If things go to plan it is believed that a joint identity/money card with all personal details will be on the implanted chip. All transactions will then be recorded by a global computer. The “mark of the beast,” the microchip, is thought to be intended to be moved from the smart card to the human body when a story can be hatched to persuade people to accept it. Some researchers suggest that the human bar-coding system will include three sets of six digits in the computer ~ hence 666, “the number of the beast.” The technology now being developed will allow every thought and action to be monitored.

“And he [the beast or Antichrist] causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead, and he provides that no one should be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 666.”

(Revelation 13: 16-18)

Whatever the truth might or might not be about the Illuminati, and it is not being suggested that the claims reported above are anything more than a subjective viewpoint held by those who subscribe to the existence of Illuminist global manipulation by a shadowy New World Order, there is one path that invariably thwarts its grip. That path is not an easy one, but it is the only Way.

“For even Satan disguises himself as an angel of

light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants

also disguise themselves as servants of righteous-

ness; whose end shall be according to their deeds.”

2 Corinthians 11: 14 -15

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