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Masonic rituals recorded and revealed by a Brother in Turkey

Source : http://surviving-21st-december-2012.com/masonic-rituals-recorded-and-revealed-by-a-brother-in-turkey/


Masonic rituals revealed by a Brother in Turkey. The first series of footage is a Masonic initiation of three Freemason recruits (Apprentices). The second is a ritual of 33rd degree Freemason’s slitting a sacrificial goat on a pentagram in the Lodge’s temple room. Note, you can continue to observe the Masonic swords. The grand master drinks the goat’s blood which is sacrificed in the middle of the room and prays in Hebrew language and ends the satanic worship ritual. The last small segment is of a Masonic wedding at a lodge in Istanbul. There is a masonic wedding ceremony.

TRANSLATION :  Please introduce the cadidates to us. Serdar Büyüküstün, his profession is electrical engineering. Aykut Erensoy, his profession is electrical Engineering. Kenan Ali Akman, he is a businessman. Understood. Please bring them inside.

Dear Misters, before all else we would like you to promise to us that, whether you are accepted as a brother or not, after you are taken into what we call ‘the room of contemplation’, you will not mention anybody what you see and what you hear here, do you promise on your honour? Mr. Erensoy? Yes, I promise. Mr. Büyüküstün? I promise. Mr. Akman? Yes, I promise. The inquisotor brother, let the candidates sit.

Mr. Büyüküstün, tell us what is the thing which was touched to your chest and which was made you feel with one of your hands? Uhm… something metal… sword. The meaning of the sword being touched to your chest is that you keep your promise otherwise you will ……

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